How to set to always display the scrollbar (scrollbar) in Windows 11

By default, Windows 11 will automatically hide most of the scroll bars on the window interface when they are not in use. However, if this annoys you, and you want the scroll bars to be displayed in the windows on your screen, the setup operations are not complicated.

First, access the Settings Window 11 application by pressing the Windows + i key combination on the keyboard. Or open the Start menu, search for the keyword “Settings”, then click the gear icon in the returned results.

How to set to always display the scrollbar (scrollbar) in Windows 11

When the Settings window opens, click on the “ Accessibility ” item in the list on the left. Then look to the right screen and select “ Visual Effects ”.

Chọn “Visual Effects”

In the list of Visual Effects settings, find the “ Always Show Scrollbars ” option, then click the corresponding switch next to it to switch it to “ On ”.

Enable “Always Show Scrollbars” option

It’s all as simple as that! You can now close the Settings app and notice that the scrollbar will always be visible in every application window (unless an app handles its scrollbars independently). In case you change your mind and want to hide them again, go to Settings > Accessibility > Visual Effects again , then turn off the ” Always Show Scrollbars ” option.

Wish you have a good experience with Windows 11!

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