How to turn off Focus Mode on iOS 15 [6 methods]

Apple just released the stable version of iOS 15 to its iPhone owners, focusing more on productivity and privacy. The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system is refreshing the way you use your phone for different times of the day. Called Focus Mode, the new feature is an improvement on the existing Do Not Disturb functionality on iOS, allowing you to customize and schedule how you’ll receive notifications for calls and messages. and applications throughout the day.

With Focus , you can focus more on your current work and avoid being distracted by calls, texts, and notifications from certain people or apps based on different conditions or times of day. . If you want to use Focus on your iPhone, the following article will help you disable Focus in different ways.

iOS 15 will be an interesting change in the way Apple handles notifications. These features may not stop iPhone users from whining. But certainly, the way Apple does it will be very attractive. Called Focus mode by Apple, this feature allows users to customize how apps send notifications to the device. Focus mode on iOS 15 will be worth looking forward to.

How does Focus mode on iOS 15 work?

For example, let’s say you’re in the office working hard. Your iPhone is also in Work Mode. As soon as Focus mode is available on iOS 15, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter no longer send notifications to the screen. Even the notifications from the sports app are gone. Your device’s Sleep mode can make notifications disappear entirely. Except for important information, of course.

How to turn off Focus Mode on iOS 15 [6 methods]

How to enable Focus mode

Focus mode on iOS 15 can be preset by time of day or based on location. You can choose not to receive SMS messages in Sleep Mode. Somehow this will be visible to the sender. By clicking the “Still sending” button, they can ensure that important messages are still delivered. Even if you don’t want to receive the news, you can still receive ransom notices from kidnappers to “save your wife” (just kidding).

Being stalked by office drama? Forget it!

Apple said, “Users can set Focus Mode themselves, or let the device suggest it from their usage habits. iPhone can use on-device intelligence to suggest people and apps that are allowed to notify them. All iOS devices that the user owns have the same Focus mode sync.

How to turn off Focus Mode on iOS 15 [6 methods]

iPhone can even suggest you how to use Focus mode

If you see Focus mode on iOS 15 as Do not disturb mode, you are correct. Focus mode is like a more “strong” feature of Do not disturb. It helps iPhone users CONTACT what they need at any given time and place.

Some iPhone users are looking forward to the new Portrait Mode on FaceTime in iOS 15. In addition, iOS 15 also has a very interesting SharePlay feature. SharePlay allows users to watch online video content with others via FaceTime. You can even listen to tunes from Apple Music with others.

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