New features and iPhones are upgraded to iOS 15 beta 5

On June 7, at WWDC 2021 , Apple officially announced iOS 15. We should note, however, that this is not a final build, but only a beta – giving us a first look. about iOS 15.

Although iOS 14 has many improvements to iMessage and Shortcuts, there are still some problems that appear. Therefore, it seems that iOS 15 will add some useful features compared to the previous update and comprehensive improvements.

In the article below, Quantrimang will list some important improvements on iOS 15, launch time and some other information.

iOS 15 release date

New versions of iOS usually arrive in mid-September and usually accompany the launch of a new iPhone, so we could see iOS 15 arrive alongside the iPhone 13 in September 2021.

Right after the keynote at WWDC 2021 ends, iOS 15 will have a beta for developers. Therefore, we look forward to the discoveries this week that this new version will bring.

The beta for everyone will come in July, if you don’t mind possible bugs you can install and experience.

Apple announced that the official version will be released in the fall. It looks like September will be the most likely time for iOS 15 to officially appear.

iPhone gets iOS 15

As Apple shared, iPhone 6s and above will be updated to iOS 15. Thus, iPhones upgraded to iOS 15 include:

  • iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE 1 and 2

iPhone 6s or later updated to iOS 15. iPhone 6s or later updated to iOS 15.

New features appear in iOS 15

FaceTime improvements

FaceTime SharePlay.

FaceTime SharePlay.

According to Apple, FaceTime will add what the company calls noise isolation, which mutes background sounds to amplify the user’s voice.

Apple has announced the FaceTime linking feature to bring the ability to send meeting invitations to users not only on iOS but also Windows and Android to join FaceTime calls through the browser. Another new addition is SharePlay for users to share the screen of their device, watch content on streaming platforms, or listen to music together.

In addition, FaceTime also has Grid View mode, group call display, and portrait mode.


Another big improvement to iOS 15 is that group chats will have collages to make it easier to display more photos.

Shared with You in the News app makes sharing news items and other types of content instantly with other users easy. These items can also be pinned in iMessages. The company is adding support for apps like Podcasts, Apple Music, Apple TV, Safari… to Shared with you.


Redesigned notifications.

After many improvements over the years, Notifications are redesigned. iOS 15 will aggregate notifications to reduce lock screen clutter. Notifications that appear in the notification aggregation can be scheduled to be announced at certain times or even by Apple’s machine learning algorithms.

This feature will replace Notification Center to better manage all notifications.

Besides, users can turn on Do Not Disturb mode to block all notifications or select apps and contacts that can bypass restrictions to receive notifications.

Live Text

Live Text.

Craig Federighi also introduced a feature where users can also look up locations from photos, recognize characters in images, detect content from the operating system such as text and look them up on the web, etc. compete directly with Google Lens. Live Text works not only with images, but also with the web and on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.


Photos will be in Spotlight suggestions.

Photos will be in Spotlight suggestions, so you can search for someone specific you recently took in Photos.

In addition, Apple has upgraded Memories in iOS 15 to help users interact more with the application, it even displays music while playing images.

Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet helps users unlock and trunk the car.

With iOS 15, Apple Wallet has a U1-powered CarKey, allowing you to unlock your car or even open the trunk.

In addition, Apple Wallet is supported for new types of keys, such as hotel, office, and home room keys. Apple has partnered with Hyatt hotels, allowing Apple Wallet to store hotel keys and use it to access rooms. The hotel can choose when to activate the key.

Finally, users can receive identification cards such as US driver’s licenses into Wallet and use them to get through certain security checkpoints.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps has a new look.

iOS 15 gives Apple Map a new look for shopping malls and buildings. Besides, altitude, color, marked destination and night mode are also added to iOS 15.

Users can see junctions and upcoming traffic conditions more clearly and easily as Apple Maps establishes your routes more delicately.

You can now create turn favorites. So you can be sure of your commute, and even if you’re in the subway, Maps will track your route and tell you where to go next.

Besides, widgets have been improved even more this year, with new widgets for Find My, Game Center, App Store Today, Sleep, Mail, etc.

New features on iOS 15 beta 6

Apple has just released the iOS 15 beta 6 update for developers. Here are the changes and new features of iOS 15 beta 6:

  • Continue to change Safari design : Apple continues to tweak Safari design on iOS 15. With iOS 15 beta 6, Apple added a custom button that allows you to set up the address bar at the top of the interface. If this option is enabled, the Safari interface will be the same as on iOS 14, removing changes in previous betas. Apple also changed the way the address bar is displayed below, separating the control panel instead of trying to merge into one as before. To enable the old display mode, you need to go to Settings> Safari then select the Tab Bar display style. You can also turn off the Tab Bar in Landscape mode as well as turn on / off the tinting mode of the website. You can also change between the two views in Safari using the Aa menu.
New features and iPhones are upgraded to iOS 15 beta 5
New features and iPhones are upgraded to iOS 15 beta 5
  • Change Safari’s Bookmarks and History : When accessing Safari’s History, Bookmarks and Reading List on iOS in Tab Bar mode, the interface will appear below and take up less screen space. If Single Tab mode is enabled, the menu still displays as on iOS 14 without change.
New features and iPhones are upgraded to iOS 15 beta 5
  • Removed SharePlay Feature : SharePlay no longer works on iOS 15 beta 6 because Apple has temporarily removed it. Even this feature is not ready to use when iOS 15 is officially released.
  • Apple Watch screen auto-changing feature : In iOS 15 beta 5, Apple removed the feature to automatically change Apple Watch screen at a specific time. On beta 6, Apple brought the feature back.

New features on iOS 15 beta 5

Not long after launching iOS 15 beta 4, Apple has rolled out beta 5 for developers and users who like to experiment. Although not as many changes as previous betas, iOS 15 beta 5 includes a series of small tweaks.

Here’s what’s new on iOS 15 beta 5:

  • The weather app has a new icon with the same depth of image as the Maps icon
New features and iPhones are upgraded to iOS 15 beta 5
  • New welcome screen for Maps, Home and Photos apps to showcase improvements
New features and iPhones are upgraded to iOS 15 beta 5
  • On iPadOS 15 beta 5, Apple has made a small change to the Safari interface, the address bar is floating instead of sinking.
  • On iPadOS 15 beta 5 there is also a new “Use Large Icons” setting for the “Home Screen & Dock” area of ​​the Settings app. It was previously located in the “Display & Brightness” settings.
  • In Safari > Accessibility of the Settings app, there’s a new option called “Show Color in Top and Bottoms Bars”
  • Display “iPhone Findable After Power Off” message on supported iPhone models and enable search even when powered off. Users can also click on the message to learn more
  • Adjusted “Notifications while in Focus” design in Notification Center
  • According to Apple’s share: Legacy Contacts heir setting feature will be removed from iOS & iPadOS 15 beta 5 and will return in a future update
  • Added new instructions in the App Store when you install the TestFlight beta version of an app
  • Added new explanatory section in Reminders app detailing Smart Lists feature
  • Thêm pop-up Location Services trong App Store

New features on iOS 15 beta 4

Apple has just released iOS 15 beta 4 for developers with some tweaks and improvements to the user experience.

Here are the new features on iOS 15 beta 4:

  • Continue tweaking Safari with the following changes:
    • The share button is now included in the tab bar
    • The reload button placed right next to the URL is no longer hidden
    • The tab bar will shrink when it gets in your way of clicking on a web page
    • Long press on the URL bar you will find the option “Show Bookmarks”
New features and iPhones are upgraded to iOS 15 beta 5
  • New feature allows you to share Focus status (Share Focus Status) with friends or relatives in contacts
  • New icon for Smart Rotate feature when adding a widget to the Home screen
  • Better support for MagSafe Battery Pack on iPhone 12
  • Add new Return to Home Screen action for Shortcuts
  • New icon for Notifications in Settings app and option to turn off notifications when using Screen Sharing or Screen Mirroring
  • The camera icon on the lock screen has been adjusted to remove the physical shutter button (a tiny detail on the top left edge of the camera icon on the lock screen).

Camera icon on lock screen iOS 14 above, iOS 15 belowCamera icon on lock screen iOS 14 above, iOS 15 below

Besides iOS 15 beta 4, Apple also launched iPadOS 15 beta 4, watchOS 8 beta 4 for developers. On iPadOS 15 beta 4, Apple also focused on improving the user experience with Safari. In addition, iPadOS 15 beta 4 also added a super-large widget for Podcasts.

New features on iOS 15 beta 3

iOS 15 beta 3 has just been released by Apple with improvements and tweaks for iPhone users.

Here are the new features on iOS 15 beta 3:

  • A new welcome screen appears when you first open the App Store with information about in-app events, the Safari iOS extension, and the App Store widget.
  • Changed a bit on Safari , the address bar no longer jumps to the top of the screen, but attaches above the keyboard when you type, edit the address. This is the change Apple made based on user feedback
New features and iPhones are upgraded to iOS 15 beta 5
  • Another tweak for Safari is that you can long press the address bar to bring up the reload option.
  • There are new icons in the Focus menu inside Settings with colors of your choice, for example purple for Do Not Disturb. The “add Schedule or Automation” button has also been increased in size
  • In the Focus menu there is also a screen to explain the “Focus Status”
  • Add New Action for Background Sound in Shortcuts
  • The Music widget on the screen has been redesigned and the color can also change to match the music album playing.
  • The option to enter text from the camera “Text from Camera” in the text editing menu now shows as an icon
  • Added “Transfer or Reset iPhone” option in Settings
  • Add + button in Find My to share location, add AirTag and add other Find My items

Besides launching iOS 15 beta 3, Apple also released iPadOS beta 3, watchOS 8 beta 3 for developers.

New features on iOS 15 beta 2

Apple has officially released iOS 15 beta 2 to developers. This is the first beta update since iOS 15 was released earlier this month.

Now, let’s take a look at the new features on iOS 15 beta 2:

  • Fix iCloud Private Relay Bugs : iCloud Private Relay makes browsing safer, but the feature had a few issues in beta 1. According to Apple, iOS 15 beta 2 fixed an issue that caused iCloud Private Relay not working as expected.
  • New icons in Maps
  • Memoji Outfits : Now You Can Customize Your Memoji Outfits
New features and iPhones are upgraded to iOS 15 beta 5
  • Welcome screen for the Weather app (Weather) : When you first open the Weather app on iOS 15 beta 2, you’ll see a welcome screen with information about new features and new designs
  • SharePlay : The feature of sharing videos, listening to music or sharing screens during FaceTime calls has been enabled on iOS 15 beta 2
  • Remove the Lossless music option on the HomePod
  • Improved Shortcuts

Besides launching iOS 15 beta 2, Apple also released iPadOS beta 2, watchOS 8 beta 2 for developers. These updates will bring new features or unlock features that were demonstrated by Apple at WWDC 2021.

It is expected that in July or August, Apple will launch iOS 15 public beta for ordinary consumers who need to install it. The official iOS 15 will be released in September, the time of the new iPhone launch.

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