Tricks to use your computer faster that you don’t know

Tips related to the computer’s keyboard

Tips to use your computer faster

1. Temporarily lock the computer quickly

Temporarily lock the computer when there is an urgent need to leave the desk but do not want others to see because your computer contains security information, you press the key combination window + L

Fast Keypad Lock

2. Quickly open documents

Quickly open documents in My computer: window + E now the document window will open immediately and you only need to select the document you need, shortening 2-3 operations compared to opening it as usual.

Open my computer fast

3. Return to home screen

Press window + D when you want to return to the main screen, this action in case suddenly you do not want others to look at the screen you are doing.

4. Program switching

When you need to work with multiple windows of different programs at the same time, you press the Alt + tab key combination. Click and drop the program you want. Do not mistake the Ctrl + tab key combination, this is to switch tabs in the same program.

5. Increase or decrease the size of images and text

When opening a program window, the image or text is a bit small, making it difficult for you to see and read, now you press the window and press the “+” key if you want to see it larger or press “-” if you want to see it smaller.

6. Open the virtual keyboard

When your real keyboard is paralyzed or lose some function of unwanted keys, you can open the virtual keyboard by pressing window + R, then type “osk” the virtual keyboard will appear, similar to the function. like a real keyboard.

7. Quickly close the currently used window

To quickly close an open window, press Ctrl + W.

In addition to the computer tips that apply to many of the above programs, Viet Express would like to share some other keyboard shortcuts that are widely used by gamers and keyboard experts:

Common shortcuts

1. Ctrl + C:  Copy

2. Ctrl + X: Cắt (Cut)

3. Ctrl + V:  Paste

4. Ctrl + Z:  Return to the previous point (Undo)

5. Shift + Delete:  Directly delete files/folders without keeping them in the recycle bin.

6. Ctrl + a scroll key (left/right/up/down):  Select multiple discrete files/folders.

7. Ctrl + Shift + a scroll key (left/right/up/down):  Select multiple files/folders continuously.

8. Ctrl + Shift + mouse drag:  Create a shortcut for the selected file/folder.

9. Ctrl + scroll key right:  Move the mouse pointer to the end of the word that is following it.

10. Ctrl + scroll left key:  Move the mouse pointer over the first character of the word before it.

11. Ctrl + scroll down key:  Move the mouse pointer to the beginning of the next paragraph.

12. Ctrl + scroll up key:  Move the mouse pointer to the beginning of the previous paragraph.

13. Ctrl + A:  Select all

4. F3:  Open the file/folder search feature in My Computer.

15. Alt + Enter:  Opens the Properties window of the currently selected file/folder.

16. Alt + F4:  Close a program.

17. Ctrl + F4:  Closes the current window of the currently executing program.

18. Alt + Tab:  Switch between running programs

19. Alt + Esc: Orderly  select another active window to work with.

20. F4:  Open the address list in the Address section of My Computer.

21. Ctrl + Esc:  Open the Start Menu, replace the Windows key.

22. Alt + mouse click:  Move quickly to part of the table from the table of contents.

23. F5:  Refresh the icons in the active window.

24. Backspace:  Return to the previous category, similar to Undo.

25. Hold down the Shift key while inserting the disc into the optical drive:  Don’t let the “autorun” feature of the CD/DVD disc automatically activate.

26. Ctrl + Tab:  Move between browser tabs in order from left to right.

27. Ctrl + Shift + Tab:  Move between browser tabs in order from right to left.

28. Enter:  Confirm entered data instead of program buttons, like OK,…

29. F1:  Open the help of a software.

30. Tab:  Move between elements on the window.

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